What is the DeRose Method

The DeRose Method is a high performance lifestyle emphasizing good quality of life good manners, good human relations, good education, good nutrition and good physical fitness.

Some of the tools used are breathing re-education, stress management, and organic body techniques to improve muscular tone and flexibility as well as other techniques utilized to achieve emotional relaxation and mental concentration. All of these tools ultimately aim to increase consciousness and self-awareness.

We should clarify that the focus of the Method is not to offer benefits, since everyone has their own personal expectations it would be inappropriate to say that we could satisfy all of them. The results are only consequences of a healthy lifestyle philosophy.

DeRose explains that the fundamentals of the cultural proposal offered by the Method have been taught for over five decades.

The Method uses the mechanisms to improve quality of life, an objective sought by most practitioners today. Through behavioral re-education, healthy eating, good human relations, good physical condition and good manners, optimal vitality, productivity and stress management is easily obtained.

Thanks to the scope of its proposal, the DeRose Method became more than just a course and now constitutes a culture, a lifestyle. A key aspect is the scope of personal well being. To achieve this goal, several tools are used, among them, breathing techniques, organic body techniques that improve muscle tone and flexibility, and techniques improving emotional relaxation and mental concentration.

The Method was developed and is suitable for young adults between the ages of 18 to 58.

It is practiced around the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France, England, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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