The DeRose Method Businesses is a modality of our system that especially contemplates the needs of businesses to improve productivity.

In businesses, we find the environment is conducive to teaching respiratory techniques, cerebral oxygenation, concentration, organic body techniques, posture improvement, emotional relaxation, as well as conflict management, stress management, human relations, and the cultivation of overall quality of life. This results in optimal and sustainable productivity.

We offer special options according to the needs of each company. The most popular programs are: fifteen minutes per day; and, another one hour class twice per week.

Fifteen minutes per day

From Monday to Friday, or the frequency most suitable to the client, we teach fifteen minutes of breathing, body techniques, relaxation and concentration in the businesses' facilities, or in an alternative space if convenient. Whenever there is an opportunity, the instructor will transmit the concepts that made the Method proverbially renown for its efficiency in cultivating healthy human relations in and out of the workplace.

One hour twice per week

The same techniques from the previous fifteen minute program are applied with more emphasis. The concepts can be further developed thanks to more availability of time. For this option, a more adequate space is needed, possibly outside of the workspace.


This is a coaching option that can be utilized at home, in the office or while traveling. We have specialists in the United States (including Hawaii), Portugal, Spain, England, France, Italy, Scotland, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The Instructor can help choose a personalized program that focuses on the techniques and concepts of our Method that meet the practitioner’s objectives.

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